Sustainable, Renewable, and 100% Recyclable

TurfCushion™ is composed of recycled polyethylene and Eco Raw™, a sustainably-produced sugar cane polyethylene, and qualifies for HRC status.

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20% Increase in Safety Performance

Turf Cushion™ is drop height tested up to 12' for our 2" underlay and up to 9' for our 1.5" underlay.

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Fast and Easy Installation

Crews using our Turf Cushion™ underlayment report up to a 25% reduction in installation time.

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Welcome to Turf Cushion™, a groundbreaking new synthetic turf underlay with industry-leading safety performance characteristics and a feature set that will enhance your business model. It is produced from recycled and sustainably produced polyethylene and is 100% recyclable.

Turf Cushion™ synthetic turf underlay can be used in playgrounds, home and patio surfaces, indoor play areas, pet play areas, rooftops, and climbing walls, just to name a few. We invite you to browse our presentation and contact us to learn how you can take advantage of the latest technology in turf underlay.

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