Turf Cushion® features include:

  • Exceptional resiliency and shock attenuation with industry high GMAX and HIC readings (ASTM F 1292-99) up to 12 feet dependent on system and fill with a 2” layer of Turf Cushion

  • Reduced installation time with lightweight, easy to shape sections that don’t require stacking to achieve up to 12’ fall testing

  • Smooth and stable surface finish from a consistent material composition and height produced by our precision molding process

  • Water drainage up to 45 gal/hour per square yard for quick return to play

  • Performs well in any climate with proper installation and maintenance and is resistant to moisture, heat, and cold and retains its resiliency over time

  • An earth-friendly product composed of recycled polyethylene and sustainably produced polyethylene (Eco Raw™) and is 100% recyclable

  • Made in the USA