About Us

We began our journey by benchmarking the current products on the market and becoming familiar with the science behind the performance. We quickly realized we would need to quit emulating the existing products if we wanted to enhance performance significantly and began a blank sheet approach.

We developed over a dozen variations during our development cycle and eventually tested 7 of them against the existing benchmarks. The best of the tested product became Turf Cushion®, and we saw a 20% improvement in HIC and GMAX readings vs. the existing products.

We have established a development center for Turf Cushion® and its variants where we are studying all aspects of the product including multiple fabric options, drain hole size, thickness, density, etc. We are also exploring alternative uses for the product given its industry-leading feature set.

We manufacture this product in high volume in the USA, all within 300 miles of Yadkinville, NC, our home base. We manage supply from multiple production sites and can ship in truckload quantities.

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